English yoga classes

Contentment Yoga also offers English yoga classes in Nijmegen. At this moment we offer two classes (14:30 Yin and 16:00 Hatha Vinyasa) on Friday afternoon that will be taught in English (also if only one person doesn’t speak Dutch).

Contentment Yoga has a small class setting (max 9 people) for personal attention.

Trial class: 5 euros
1 class: 12 euros
5 classes: 49 euros (international students get a 6th class for free)

You can sign up for these classes online on MOMOYOGA. This is an online register program. In the top right corner you can select the English version of the page.

About Contentment Yoga classes

Contentment Yoga offers authentic yoga classes. This means that every class includes a short meditation, pranayama (breathing) and philosophy practice. Asana practice (physical aspect) takes up about 45 minutes of the class.

What does Contentment Yoga mean?

Contentment is an important aspect within the “eight limbs” of yoga. Contentment is called Santosha in Sanskrit. It is part of the second limb that focusses on internal disciplines for the individual (Niyamas in Sanskrit). One of those disciplines is contentment. The other Niyamas are purity, acceptance, self-study of wisdom and surrender to the whole or present moment. Contentment exists when it is not circumstances that create happiness but the individual himself that creates happiness from within. That person does not need more than he already has.

How do I practice Contentment (Santosha)?

In our society many people are constantly looking for more. A nicer house, a better car, a better job, nicer clothes and more money are just a few examples of material things. Fortunately, we are all becoming increasingly aware that material things can only make you happy to a limited extent. Santosha, however, goes further than being satisfied with the material.

We all want to feel loved, nice, smart, funny and accepted. Santosha makes us practice being completely satisfied with ourselves, regardless of what other people think, including our loved ones and ourselves. Also, we often have an opinion about ourselves. We don’t find ourselves funny, confident, extroverted, spiritual or down to earth enough. When you practice Santosha you try to distance yourself from what you have and who you are and try to be content with what is: being content with things the way they are. Even if you’re not feeling so well after a bad day at work, the key is to practice contentment. This can be a real challenge in daily life.

How can yoga classes help me?

I am convinced that a regular yoga practice helps you to become more aware of yourself. You may be physically busy on your yoga mat, but by being aware of your breathing, your body and your state of mind, it becomes more of an internal exercise. It becomes yoga. By focusing more on how the postures (asanas) are being formed by your body at that moment instead of what it looks like, you can practice Santosha.

Any questions or doubts? Please contact me.